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North American Waterbird Conservation Plan

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This document, Version 1 of the North American Waterbird Conservation Plan, provides an overarching continental framework and guide for conserving waterbirds. It sets forth goals and priorities for waterbirds in all habitats from the Canadian Arctic to Panama, from Bermuda through the U.S. Pacific Islands, at nesting sites, during annual migrations, and during nonbreeding periods. It advocates continent-wide monitoring; provides an impetus for regional conservation planning; proposes national, state, provincial and other local conservation planning and action; and gives a larger context for local habitat protection. Taken together, it is hoped that these activities will assure healthy populations and habitats for the waterbirds of the Americas.

This first version of this Plan emphasizes the seabirds and other colonial-nesting waterbirds. It also concentrates on the northern portions of its geographic scope.

A "Virtual" Version 2
There is no printed second version. Rather, new and updated plan elements are presented on-line. These elements include more guidance on conservation of non-colonial waterbirds and more details on the needs and priorities of various planning regions within the overall Plan area, especially the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. The Plan area has also been expanded to address waterbird conservation in South America.

Recommended citation
James A. Kushlan, Melanie J. Steinkamp, Katharine C. Parsons, Jack Capp, Martin Acosta Cruz, Malcolm Coulter, Ian Davidson, Loney Dickson, Naomi Edelson, Richard Elliot, R. Michael Erwin, Scott Hatch, Stephen Kress, Robert Milko, Steve Miller, Kyra Mills, Richard Paul, Roberto Phillips, Jorge E. Saliva, Bill Sydeman, John Trapp, Jennifer Wheeler, and Kent Wohl. 2002. Waterbird Conservation for the Americas: The North American Waterbird Conservation Plan, Version 1. Waterbird Conservation for the Americas. Washington, DC, U.S.A.

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Contact: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Publications Unit
National Conservation Training Center
Shepherdstown, WV 25443, USA
1-304-876-7203 In the USA,
call toll-free: 1-800-344-WILD
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Part 1: What Future for Waterbirds (.7 MB)
Part 2: State of the Resource (1.1 MB)
Part 3: Moving Forward Through Partnerships (1.0 MB)
Part 4: Achieving the Vision: Summary of Strategies and Outcomes (.2 MB)
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